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Santa Rosa Beach, Florida


American Made embossed leather handbag and accessories company. Coastal Road leather goods incorporates soft natural materials in uniquely embossed and custom printed designs to create effortlessly chic leather goods for the modern woman. 


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Our Story

A Coastal Road leather goods piece connects you to how you feel when you stand where the sand, seas and sky merge.  

In naming our company Coastal Road, we honor the place where this journey began.

Because when we seek to find ourselves, we are driven to the shore & the edges of the coast.

It is about finding a piece that connects you to how we all feel when we stand where the seas, and the sky, and the sand all merge.

It is about the things we choose to take with us on our journey. Because our pieces are created to endure a life well-traveled.

And we know where we will always be lead…

Because when given the choice, we will always take the Coastal Road.